About UCE

The Ultimate Cocktail Experience was founded in 2012. Originally known as the Fantasy Bar Draft before being renamed in 2016, it has grown into the world’s largest charity cocktail event.

This annual fundraising event allows bartenders, bar owners, brand sponsors, and cocktail enthusiasts an opportunity to give back to the community. The volunteering bartenders are divided into teams and develop bar concepts from scratch. These concepts include a name, brand, décor and original cocktail menu, and the only brands featured at UCE are those that sponsor the event.

To date, this event has raised nearly $2M for Trigger’s Toys. One hundred percent of the proceeds from UCE benefits Trigger’s Toys, so make no mistake—every dollar helps kids in need.

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Trigger’s Toys was founded by Bryan Townsend (VP of The 86 Co.) and his wife Stacey. Bryan would tell you Trigger’s Toys started because he needed to scratch a personal itch to give back to the community. Little did he know, this one trip to the hospital with his dog Trigger would ignite a burning passion within him to help hospitalized children and their families. What started as a goal to collect toys for kids in need has become a non-profit that serves chronically ill children ages 0-17, and helps to reduce the financial and emotional stress placed on them and their loved ones.

One of our proudest accomplishments is the Trigger’s Toys therapy program, which provides life-changing therapy to kids in need— assistance that they would not otherwise get. Thanks to the Ultimate Cocktail Experience, children have learned to walk … to swallow … or to talk for the first time. Your support of UCE brings hope to these children and to their families. 

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Nearly $2 million raised
for vulnerable children
and their families!